Day 4 of Iran 40th Quran Contest: Recitations in Videos 

IQNA – On the fourth day of Iran’s 40th International Holy Quran Competitions, several qaris and memorizers from different states went on stage.
Nigerien Memorizer Says Quran Gave Meaning to His Life   
IQNA – A Quran memorizer from Niger who is attending the final stage of Iran’s 40th International Quran Competition said learning the Quran has changed his life.
21:13 , 2024 Feb 20
‘Full of Spirituality’: Saudi Contestant Lauds Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest
IQNA – The Representative of Saudi Arabia in Iran’s 40th International Quran Competition has hailed the quality of the event. 
19:15 , 2024 Feb 20
Iran’s 40th Int’l Quran Contest: Finalists Named
IQNA – The organizing committee of the 40th edition of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition announced the names of the finalists in the men’s section of the event.  
16:10 , 2024 Feb 20
Expert Stresses Teaching Quran to Children at Young Age
IQNA – An Indonesian Quran expert highlights the need to start teaching the holy book to children early in their lives.
14:22 , 2024 Feb 20
Iran Holding 270 Recitation Circles during Int’l Quran Contest  
IQNA – Concurrent with the 40th edition of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition, which has been underway in Tehran since Thursday, the country has been holding 270 Quran recitation circles in different cities.
12:34 , 2024 Feb 20
Iran’s Contest ‘Stands Out’ among Int’l Quran Competitions: Iraqi Expert
IQNA – An Iraqi Quranic expert says the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Quran Competition stands out among other Quranic contests around the globe.
13:49 , 2024 Feb 19
Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest Wraps Up in Women’s Section  
IQNA – The third day of competition in the women’s section of Iran’s international Quran contests saw the performance of memorizers from 11 countries.
10:32 , 2024 Feb 20
Pakistan Quran Memorization Contest Winners Awarded at IIUI
IQNA – Winners of a Quran competition in Pakistan, organized at the International Islamic University in Islamabad (IIUI), were awarded at the closing ceremony.
21:30 , 2024 Feb 19
Algerian Qari Hails Motto of Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest  
IQNA – An Algerian qari taking part in Iran’s 40th International Holy Quran Competition lauded the motto of the prestigious Quranic event.
19:15 , 2024 Feb 19
Iran Int’l Quran Contest: Performances of Contestants on 3rd Day (+Video)
IQNA – Qaris and memorizers continued delivering their performances on the third day of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Quran Competition.
09:59 , 2024 Feb 19
Iranian Memorizer Puts Up Good Performance at Jordan Int’l Quran Contest for Women
IQNA – The Iranian representative’s turn to answer questions of the panel of judges at Jordan’s 18th international Quran competition for women came on the second day of the event Sunday.
10:56 , 2024 Feb 19
Quran Main Source of Culture, Civilization: Syrian Tajweed Expert  
IQNA – An expert in the field of Tajweed from Syria underlined that the Holy Quran is the richest source of culture and civilization.
10:55 , 2024 Feb 19