'Culture of Benevolence': 180-Year-Old Quran Manuscript Donated to Tehran University

IQNA – A 180-year-old handwritten Quran copy has been donated to the Central Library of the University of Tehran.
Ashura Conveys Universal Human Values: Lebanese Priest
IQNA – A Lebanese Christian leader says the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) goes beyond religion as it conveys universal human values.
10:58 , 2024 Jul 22
ICESCO Hosts Int’l Seminar on ‘Quran and West’
IQNA – The headquarters of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) hosted the first International Seminar titled "The Quran and the West: Towards a Rational Approach" on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.
12:09 , 2024 Jul 10
Urmia University to Host 1st Int’l Conference on Science's Role in Modern Islamic Civilization
IQNA – Urmia University is set to host the 1st International Conference on the Role of Science in Modern Islamic Civilization on October 29-30, 2024.
23:26 , 2024 Jul 21
Imam Ali Shrine Museum to Be Inaugurated in Less Than a Year: Official
IQNA – The holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS) in Najaf, Iraq, will open its museum in less than a year to protect and showcase its unique heritage, an official said. 
08:14 , 2024 Jul 07
Quran A Dynamic Resource for Scientific Inquiry: Professor
IQNA – The Holy Quran is a “dynamic” resource and a “divine sign” that can help scholars shape or revisit scientific theories, an academic says.
08:51 , 2024 Jul 05
Imam Reza Shrine’s Library Distributes Over 12,000 Books to Afghanistan
IQNA – Imam Reza Shrine’s library has distributed more than 12,400 books across various provinces of Afghanistan over the past six years.
09:50 , 2024 Jul 02
Experts from 8 Countries Attending ‘Health in Arbaeen’ Int’l Congress in Tehran  
IQNA – The 4th edition of the ‘Health in Arbaeen’ International Congress got underway at the Iran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran on Wednesday.
14:56 , 2024 Jul 04
What Quran Says Family and Purpose of Marriage
IQNA – The family is an important institution, and the Holy Quran emphasizes different purposes for forming a family and for getting married.
22:46 , 2024 Jul 02
Scholar Says Ghadir Can Be Used to Promote Muslim Unity
IQNA – The event of Ghadir is a source of Muslim unity as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and all his companions were present there, a senior lecturer at Qom Seminary says.
10:02 , 2024 Jun 29
Cleric Stresses Introducing Nahj al-Balagha to World
IQNA – The secretary general of the World Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) Assembly said Nahj-al-Balagha should be introduced to the world and lessons be extracted from it in different fields.
09:01 , 2024 Jul 02
Iraqi PM Inaugurates Allameh Waeli Museum in Baghdad
IQNA – A museum dedicated to the life of late Iraqi Shia scholar Allameh Ahmed al-Waeli and his works and photos was launched in the capital Baghdad.
17:20 , 2024 Jul 01
Mubahila and Soft Power
IQNA – In the Event of Mubahila, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made the best use of what is known today as soft power.
09:43 , 2024 Jul 01