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KFC Branch in Algiers Forced to Close after Two Days amid War on Gaza

IQNA – The American fast-food chain KFC closed its first branch in Algeria’s capital after protests.
Settlement Reached with Kentucky Jail over Removal of Muslim Woman’s Hijab  
IQNA – Settlement has reached in a lawsuit over the Warren County Regional Jail in Bowling Green, Kentucky, depriving a Muslim woman of her religious rights
18:01 , 2024 Apr 18
Israel Bans Use of Quranic Verses in Social Networking Sites
IQNA – The Zionist regime has decided to criminalize the use of verses from the Quran and the word ‘martyr’ in social media sites, an Israeli daily revealed.
13:08 , 2024 Apr 18
‘We Will Teach Our Children in Tents’: Israel’s Maintains War on Gaza Schools, Mosques
IQNA – The Israeli regime continues to target mosques and schools in Gaza but Palestinians are determined to raise an “informed Palestinian generation.”
14:32 , 2024 Apr 16
Dropping Charges against Man Desecrating Mosque in Tennessee Draws Condemnation
IQNA – Dismissing charges against a man desecrating a mosque in Tennessee has drawn condemnation.  
11:41 , 2024 Apr 17
1.5 Million Fatwas Issued in 12 Languages in Egypt Annually   
IQNA – Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta Center issues 1.5 million Fatwas (religious edicts), an advisor to the country’s Grand Mufti said.
11:10 , 2024 Apr 17
2 Million People in Gaza Struggling for Life Every Day: UN
IQNA – The UN warned of the dire situation in the Gaza Strip where people are struggling for life every day, announcing it will launch a $2.8 billion global appeal for Gaza and occupied West Bank.
08:30 , 2024 Apr 17
Ukraine: Mosque Set on Fire in Dnipro
IQNA – A mosque in Ukraine’s Dnipro was set on fire as the arsonist fled the scene following the attack.
14:00 , 2024 Apr 16
Islamophobic Offenses in Germany Doubled in 2023: Report
IQNA – Reports on Monday revealed a significant increase in Islamophobic crimes in Germany, with the number more than doubling in 2023.
15:52 , 2024 Apr 15
Al-Azhar to Establish Int’l Quran Printing Complex in Egypt
IQNA – Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center plans to found an international Quran printing complex in the country.
13:06 , 2024 Apr 16
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Shut Down in Support of Gaza (+Video)
IQNA – San Francisco’s Highway 101 on the Golden Gate Bridge was shut down by pro-Palestinian protesters demanding an end to US support for Israel amid the genocidal war on Gaza.
09:49 , 2024 Apr 16
Rohingya Muslims Forcibly Conscripted in Myanmar, Deployed as Human Shields
IQNA – The military in Myanmar military has forcibly recruited over a thousand Rohingya Muslim men and boys while the religious minority members are denied citizenship, a report said.
19:33 , 2024 Apr 15
Expert Links Western Anti-Palestine Stance to Surge in Islamophobia
IQNA – Western policies and attitudes that are anti-Palestinian, often framed as support for Israel, are deeply connected with the increasing trend of Islamophobia in these countries, an expert says.
18:15 , 2024 Apr 15